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What Happens After Signup?

Once you have a Camera ID and a password you're ready to upload your web camera images. The password for each of your cams is the password you use to log in to our site. Images can be uploaded at a maximum of once per minute, can be no larger than 150Kb, and should be weather centric. Non-outdoors/non-weather images will be removed, and users that upload inappropriate images will be blocked.

Please Note: Make sure you enter the Camera ID as it appears in the "Your Current Cameras" list, and the password exactly as you chose it, as both fields are case sensitive.

You'll need to set your camera to upload to: ""


I'm Uploading But It's Not Working!

By far the most common problems uploading a web cam image are caused by using the wrong login information. Please triple check that you are using your site password for the FTP password, and that you are using the correct Camera ID as your FTP username. Each camera that you upload with will have a different Camera ID, which can be found in the list in the center of the page under the heading "Your Current Cameras". More FTP settings information can be found in the wiki.

The second most common problem is uploading images that are over our file size limitation which is 150K. Please check to see that your images are not over this limitation, and adjust your camera or software settings accordingly.

If you are able to upload, and the upload process reports success, but none of your images are showing on the site, make sure that your uploads are set to binary as our image conversion process will fail for images not transfered in binary format.

If neither these tips, nor the wiki solve your web cam problems, please contact support.

This Page Doesn't Work!

If you're having trouble with this sign up page, you should contact support.