Weather Underground's Twitter Interface

Using Our Twitter Service

Twitter is the name of a popular "micro-blogging" service on the Internet. It allows messages of a maximum of 140 characters to be transmitted to a group of people who "follow" an individual.

There are several ways to interact with Weather Underground on Twitter:

  1. Follow Us!

    Most of our services require you to follow us. Followers receive tropical notices, updates from our bloggers and other weather/site information. Followers can also request weather information for locations and sign up to receive severe weather alerts.

    Follow @wunderground
  2. Request Weather Information

    Followers, we can send you a direct message with a requested location's current condition and forecast if you tweet a weather request at us in the following formats:

    @wunderground weather 94107
    @wunderground weather San Francisco, CA
    @wunderground weather Tokyo, Japan

    - or -

    @wunderground wx 94107
    @wunderground wx San Francisco, CA
    @wunderground wx Tokyo, Japan
  3. Sign-Up For Severe Weather Alerts

    Followers can receive direct messages with up to date severe weather information, currently for U.S. locations only. Tornado, flood, and severe thunderstorm warnings will be direct messaged to you as we receive them. To sign up you must send us a tweet in one of the following formats:

    @wunderground alert 94107
    @wunderground alert San Francisco, CA

    You can stop receiving alerts by tweeting the following examples:

    @wunderground alert stop 94107
    @wunderground alert stop San Francisco, CA
    To stop all alerts for all locations, tweet the following:
    @wunderground alert stop
    To find your current subscribed locations, tweet one of the following:
    @wunderground alert show
    @wunderground alerts show
    @wunderground show alerts
    @wunderground show alert

    By using these services you agree to our Terms of Service.

  4. Follow Our Meteorologists

    Some of our talented meteorologists also have Twitter accounts. Follow them to read their own weather related tweets.

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