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Are you interested in learning how weather affects your business? We have created an easy tool to track your business and how weather impacts your daily sales.

Ending Date:

The spreadsheet has several sheets:

  • WEATHER -- the weather data populated during the query from the above URL (we can create an interface that allows you to generate weather history for any date range fo r any station, with each line being a single day)
  • SALES -- this sheet needs to be populated with sales data (any type of sales information per day that is going to be correlated to weather)
  • SUMMARY & GRAPHS -- this sheets shows some results, ie correlations between weather fields and the sales data (linear correlations at this point)
  • DIRECTIONS -- a list of directions detailed below:

In the tab called 'sales', input your daily sales/revenue. This will customize the graphs and summary for your business.

The graphs included:

  • Temperature and Sales
  • Precipitation and Sales
  • Dew point and Sales

The summary includes:

  • Total quarterly sales
  • Average daily sales
  • Max daily sales
  • Min daily sales
  • Average quarterly temp. (F)
  • Maximum quarterly temp. (F)
  • Minimum quarterly temp. (F)
  • Total precipitation (in)
  • Average precipitation (in)
  • Average dew point (F)
  • Average humidity (%)
  • Sales/Temp. correlation
  • Sales/Precip. correlation
  • Sales/Humidity correlation
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