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By: SevereHurricane, 12:45 AM GMT on December 31, 2008

Yes it is true! The possibility of more snow is there for NOLA.Its still in the long range but the models do agree that there is going to be a pattern shift in the CONUS in which a strong area of High pressure forms over the western states and causes a large-scale trough to form over the Central/Eastern USA all the way to the GOM. If this occurs(likley) the following things will happen...

1.)Temperatures will be well Below-Normal (atleast 15-20 degrees)

2.)You will be effected bu most winter storms.

3.)Cold Fronts will be common.

4)You may see snow, Yes even in NOLA inicated by the models(one model run of the GFS had as much as 10 inches falling in New Orleans after a surface low forms in the GOM.

5.)Could rival the 1985 cold outbreak.

6.)May begin as soon as the 8th or the 9th of January

Thank You For reading I will update this as the event draws closer and details become more clear.

Early Hurricane Season 2009 Forecast

By: SevereHurricane, 6:01 PM GMT on December 28, 2008

Get ready and prepare for the Atlantic Hurricane seasson of 2009. It may be an active one. I am calling for 16 named storms, 9 of them hurricanes, and 5 of these becomeing powerful.If I lived near the Gulf Coast WATCHOUT I have a secret long-range forecast technique and I forsee atleast 2 Major Hurricanes in the Gulf in this season one in August and one in the latter part of September. Now you must be thinking "wow this guy is nuts!" But this guy has his reasons...

1.)We are in the active phase of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO), the active period of hurricane activity that began in 1995.

2.)Water temperatures are above average.

3.)The models and recent trends indicate that we will have a La Nina for the second hurricane season in a row which means the amount of windsheer this season will be below-Average.

4.)It snowed across southern Texas and Louisiana which means that we should have some hurricane threats this year in the Gulf.

5.) The ITCZ seems active for this time of the year.

6.)There has been below average wind in the afrrica which likley means less SAL next year.

Thank You I will update this forecast in a few months.


By: SevereHurricane, 8:28 PM GMT on December 27, 2008

So yes I finaly have a blog. To start my name is Dylan, im 14 years old, and I live in New Orleans. I have had a deep intrest in the weather since I was 3. I have found out that I am quite gifted at forecasting the weather. I will talk about weather events that have the potenial to happen, are presently happening, and sometimes my post-analisis on a major weather event that has happened. Three examples of my capabilities are.... I was right about Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans 6 days out, I Knew the White Christmas in New Orleans 15days out,I knew about the snowstorm in New Orleans 4 days out even though I was laughed at, and I was right about Hurricane Gustav while some were predicting it would go to Mexico(Not saying Names). I will reply to any questions or Comments. Thank You for reading this and see you around.

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