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The Warming "Divine" Period

By: Patrap, 2:46 AM GMT on December 27, 2013

We are there.

The CO2 from Fossil Fuel burning and other Global Warming pollutant's have taken the Earth to a new State of Climate, and is the Number one problem facing Humans today.

2013 Saw a new Conscience rise from the Social Networking we all share today.

The industries that are ruining our Globe have continued to spend Billions on disinformation, lies, distorted graphs, etc, et al...and are also aware of this new awareness and judging by their "Faux" status updates on FB alone show that they will spare no expense in keeping the status quo.

From Lobbyist in D.C. to Politicians in Committees responsible for overseeing the industry,are all in the Oil Mix financially.

So what are we to do ?

The Extinction rate for vertebrates is 1000 times faster than 200 years ago, fisheries globally fresh and salt water are down.

Arctic Sea Ice continues to decline and vast tracks of Siberia alone are thawing permafrost and emitting methane, a much more powerful Greenhouse gas than CO2.

"Drunken Forest" in Siberia from Permafrost melt

Old Men and Oil is still the most controlling factor to sustaining our Global economies and they as a whole are never going to change tactics, procedures and Profit loss to a "Greener" energy source.

When will the Powers that be see the light?

Fact is they know the facts as to whats occurring and they always have, well since it became obvious in the 50's thru 70's.

Oil and coal are "finite" resources that will not last.

Were talking about species disappearing at a rate never observed. Storms and seasonal changes unprecedented in History are occurring as well.

All from a Growing population that exponentially stress's the whole system more and more each year.

So where are we heading as a Controlling/Ruling Planetary species?

Our way of life and economic engines Globally teeter on calamity daily.

Talk and time will not solve the dilemma we face globally together.

We have to ACT soon or the Forcing's will just increase and the effects as well.

Until the driving force of the Planet becomes something other than the accumulation of wealth by Men and Nations, nothing will change.

Change comes from a new way of thinking, a new archetype one could say.

The old way, the way of today is destroying our Blue Marble. Our "Grand Oasis in the Vastness of Space", Apollo 8 relayed to us 45 years ago form Lunar orbit.

Solutions and brave new Thinkers are needed, not Taxes, not rumor, not WUWT, not the NOAA folks, not the Politicians.

Humans must demand a change in archetype.

If not, our fate is already sealed.

With the connectivity among us. One can emerge, if one emerges, more will follow.

I challenge the Globe tonight, think of change, think of something Greater than what we have.

A viable Healthy Biosphere is what we need.

Make a effort to think about that.

You could be the difference.

One can Stand above the din, and ask,.."what are we doing"?

Who is in Charge ?

Old men and Oil.


P.J.P. December 26, 2013

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