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LSU Pres. a Threat to sanity.

By: Patrap, 5:43 PM GMT on April 22, 2012

LSU Flagship, Medical & Nursing Schools Threatened by Budget Cuts
Posted on May 15, 2012 in News

BATON ROUGE—LSU System President William L. Jenkins on Tuesday said pending state budget cuts of $97.6 million to the LSU System, in a worst-case scenario, could cause some LSU campuses to immediately seek financial exigency, force closure of the LSU Medical School in Shreveport as well as the LSU Nursing School in New Orleans while seriously threatening the status of LSU A&M as Louisiana’s Flagship University.
In addition, Jenkins said, the university system could be forced to immediately impose major personnel and program cutbacks, such as ending the LSU Health Science Center’s Rural Scholars Track program that trains physicians for areas with poor access to health care.
An estimated 645 LSU System employees could be laid off statewide and an additional 676 could be furloughed for indefinite periods. Thousands of students also could see their degree programs ended. A closure of LSU’s Shreveport medical school and the LSU Nursing School alone could affect more than 975 nursing students in New Orleans and 462 medical students in Shreveport.
At the LSU Health Care Services Division, which is facing a $24.5 million reduction in state funding for its 10 hospitals and 500 physician clinics, LSU System Vice President for Health Care and Medical Education, says inpatient hospital and emergency beds will be taken out of service; operating suites shut down; mental health emergency rooms closed; in-patient psychiatric services ended and multiple specialty clinics shut down statewide. The reductions will mean a projected loss of $80.6 million in federal matching funds.
Including net changes to alternative means of financing like statutory dedications, interagency transfers, and self-generated revenues such as tuition and fees, the overall impact of pending reductions for the LSU System would be almost $103 million.
“While we hope none of these cuts become a reality,” Jenkins said, “the truth is that if the Legislature doesn’t reconsider these reductions, we could be forced to quickly impose a series of appalling cuts to our institutions, without the kind of careful planning and deliberation that takes into account the long-range consequences of such radical actions.”
Flagship Campus Chancellor Mike Martin put it more directly in a memo to Jenkins about the impact of possibly losing an additional $43 million in state money for his campus, writing, “Declaring financial exigency is a last resort of a genuine crisis. Still, under the Board of Supervisors definition of exigency, the campus may have qualified for a declaration already. It’s imperative we step back from this impending disaster.”
In a follow up message to Jenkins, Martin added, “Once exigency is implemented, several colleges will have to be closed and LSU will be forever different. This is a generational decision; it would take decades to repair the damage done to our students, faculty, and reputation. LSU would immediately experience a decline in enrollment and retention and graduation rates will decrease within a few years.”

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In The Evening,when the day iz done...

By: Patrap, 4:47 PM GMT on April 09, 2012

In the evening, When the day is done
I'm looking for a woman, but the girl don't come
So don't let her, Play you for a fool
She don't show no pity baby, she don't make no rules

*Chorus: Oh, oh, I need your love, I need your love
Oh, I need your love, I just got to have

So don't you let her, Oh, get under your skin
It's only bad luck and trouble, From the day that you begin
I hear you crying in the darkness, Don't ask nobody's help
Ain't no pockets full of mercy baby, Cause you can only blame yourself


Oh it's simple, All the pain that you go through
You can turn away from fortune, fortune, Cause that's all that's left to you
It's lonely at the bottom, Man, it's dizzy at the top
But if you're standing in the middle, Ain't no way you're gonna stop


Oh whatever that your days may bring
No use hiding in a corner, Cause that won't change a thing
If you're dancing in the doldrums, One day soon, it's got to stop, it's got to stop
When you're the master of the off-chance, When you don't expect a lot


Close the doors, put out the light
You know they won't be home tonight
The snow falls hard and don't you know
The winds of Thorin blowing cold
They're wearing steel that's bright and true
They carry news that must get through

They choose the path where no-one goes
They hold no quarter,
They hold no quarter.

Walking side by side with death
The devil mocks their every step
The snow drives back the foot that's slow
The dogs of doom are howling more
They carry news that must get through
To build a dream for me and you
They choose the path that no one goes
They hold no quarter,
They ask no quarter,
They hold no quarter,
They ask no quarter...they think about no quarter...With no quarter quarter.
Oh No...

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A New Dream

By: Patrap, 8:58 PM GMT on April 06, 2012

" A new dream

These are the days
Where every cat gets out of every box

These are the days
Of Earth to be reborn

These are the days
Where we may dream a new

These are the days
A ripple and a wave

Truth may speek to you, so softly within
In through the silence
In through the soft depth
The soft spot that is you and is everything
Universe within

Here speaks my heart my truth, see if it resonates with you...

These days, the Earth are being dragged in through the Uncreated... Oblivion...
The Uncreated is the level of pure being, pure unity, no matter how many words used, it will only scratch the surface...
This is where we all came from, in a way we are everyone of us all of the Uncreated, which doesn't make sense in this reality...
This reality is the dream, a Universe of many dimensions, co-existing, inter-relating...
In the dream, action, acting exists, whether it be here in 3d, soul realm, spirit realm or whatever realm...
Original dreamer, who stepped out from Uncreated were God or source..
Original reaction on that dream ir that dreamer was satan.
In a way you could say that satan was the first resistence against the dream.
God wanted to create a dream of love, truth, joy... Satan feared that...
Thus the Universe of truth and the Universe of lies were created...
God and satan came from the same Uncreated, but no embracing happened... The dream became divided, a inner hosility was born... The hostility of the dream against itself.
Next level, God created Archangels to start dreaming... This made the Uncreated send a 'being' into the dream, a being of wondering... You could say that this being was not really created... More an observer, heart and eyes of the Uncreated into the dream.
The Archangels and this 'uncreated being of pondering' embraced, thus making a connection to the Uncreated.
Creation started... Dream time... The Universe of God and Archangels was small and crystal like... Deep, simple and loving... In balance with itself and in balance with the Uncreated...
But the original imbalance, between God and satan remained, so in a way satan created the Universe of lies, which was big and chaotic, surpressing, exploiting, and because it was only existing based on a reaction it could not exist without stealing the light of the Universe of truth...
The Universe of lies had a fear of both the Universe of truth (which it wished to control) and for the Uncreated (being only a reaction, feared of being dissolved)...
So fear and chaos were multiplied to keep the lies alive...
Sounds like something you know?

Well enough of that
What is happening these days are deeply amazing
The original opposition are gone
All opposites embraces, creating synergy
Hope, love and faith, embrace hopelessness, hate and mistrust
On a deep level
Within us
Within all of the dream
This make way for all of the dream being dragged in through the Uncreated
Right these days
Making space for a new dream
A new dream that is balanced
Which love itself in stead of hating itself
A new dream balanced around truth, love and joy
You might feel anxiety or wondering these days, something which you cannot define
A new dream emanating
Like a wave of change
So if we all go into our heart and start dreaming, dreams of love, joy, hope and truth
We create the reality of tomorrow
Inside out

It is happening on all levels, from the dense physical and etherical all the way to the highest vibrating spiritual part of the dream

So dream ahead sunshine
We can do it
And we can do it together

New dream awakening

Much love to you

One love "

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