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LSU 41 NotreDame 14

By: Patrap, 2:49 PM GMT on December 30, 2006


A President Has Died...a Grateful Nation Mourns

By: Patrap, 4:38 AM GMT on December 27, 2006

1913-2006 46

Merry Christmas!

By: Patrap, 1:55 PM GMT on December 20, 2006

Its Christmas Day!.We think back on this year with thoughts of thankfullness.We are together as a a small but comfy home.We thank God for the blessings of new Found friends here.We are thankful for a quiet tropics this past year.We look forward to next year and better days ahead...for all New Orleanians still struggling to return.May everyone who passes thru this site..have a Very Special..Merry Christmas from us here. 44


By: Patrap, 5:28 PM GMT on December 16, 2006


Patrap Jrs. Birthday!

By: Patrap, 1:38 AM GMT on December 14, 2006

PICS from Sons last Middle school game this season yesterday.They Won 16-0.e 6 5 4 3 img src="" width="640" height="480" alt="4" img src="" width="640"5 img src="" width="640" height="480" alt 6 45544357

Snoopy Would be Proud!

By: Patrap, 3:20 PM GMT on December 10, 2006

Heres the Homestead Ready for the Santa Dude!2

All those years ago...

By: Patrap, 3:42 PM GMT on December 08, 2006

To John Lennon..shot down this date, 26 short years ago.We miss ya Man. "

A DateThat will Live,In Infamy

By: Patrap, 1:03 PM GMT on December 07, 2006

Today is December 7th.It was 65 years ago the Japanese attacked the Naval Base at Pearl Harbor,Hawaii.We owe a great debt of Gratitude to those who fought Back that day.The Greatest Generation became our Heroes starting this date..on a Sunday morning, all those years ago. 335336w

Patrap Jrs. Homecoming Game

By: Patrap, 1:49 AM GMT on December 07, 2006

We enjoyed our sons Homecoming Middle School Football game.I took a few share the Kids excitement.We all Had good time..Plus they won 26-7!.Big Homecoming Victory dance Friday night!6t6777666

A Weekend to remember

By: Patrap, 11:29 PM GMT on December 03, 2006

We say goodbye and fair winds to our newest friend as She flys home to friends and family.It sure was a weekend that will be dear in our memory forever.We laughed, cried,.ate.. drank,...drove,.discussed..discovered...Froze..and enjoyed our friends immensely.The French Quarter paused and Gawked as we drifted in and out of Place of Drink and antiques shops like dizzy gazzelles gracefully picking their way along, dodging the cars and FEMA cones like expert trailsmen,..exploring..and Gawking at our ease of navigation.We silenty entered the St.Louis Cathederal in Jackson Square..awed at the preps for a 3pm wedding ..then later getting a street guitar player couple of Bucs to Jam for 30 blues seconds....The powdered sugar flowed like snow in Fargo as we dodged the small tables diameter at the Cafe Du Monde with not 1 incident of coffe spillage or collision of Bengiets!..a minor miracle on any day.Redhead smiled all day and was a True joy to have in our midst.She smartly also pre-parked her car about 1.2 miles closer than I managed to Saturday.She also dropped us at the aforementioned vehicle after I figured out where the Hell Id parked Esplanade!..LOL...Sure was a neat inspiring journey from Wuba Aquak9 and Redhead.Thanks to all of the Wunderground members for rooting the weekend on too...One we will always cherish.w5r9et

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