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First Snowstorm?

By: Levi32, 5:47 PM GMT on October 28, 2006

Well, I have finally got a chance to write a blog for once! The tropics are winding down, and I don't think any more storms are in the cards for us this year. What a nice break it has been! So, lets turn our attention to my back yard, if you don't mind. :) After our first measurable snow of 1 inch 3 days ago, the temperature stayed cold enough for it to stick, a rare occurance with our first snow. Also, this was the first time we have even seen flakes fly in October for 5 years! For the last 5 years all the seasons have been exceptionally warm, breaking all records, and minimizing snowfall greatly. The last two years we've had no snow for Thanksgiving, and even worried about not having a white Christmas! This year, however, I predicted back in September would be different. Just as I thought our first snow came and stuck in October, and our first real snowstorm is knocking on the west coast of the state as I type. A strong cold front pumping up warm air is bringing rain to the SW part of the state, and that rain will advance eastward throughout the day. The cold air in place at the surface in southcentral will start the precipitation off as snow late tonight, and then possibly changing over to rain tomorrow afternoon. It is different for my house, being 1000 ft up, so our period of rain, if any, will be much shorter. As the low stalls and moves southeastward into the western gulf, cold air on the backside will change any rain back into snow on Monday. Snow advisories are already out for the Sustitna Valley, with 6-12 inches of snow expected. Precipitation is expected to be rain in southcentral, but I have my doubts. If most of the precip does fall in the form of snow, this could be a pretty heavy dump. How much snow will fall? Stay tuned and I shall tell you what happens.

We shall see what happens!

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Tropical Tidbits from the Tundra

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