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Weather Services

Custom-made Weather Packages for your Web Site

The advanced and affordable solution to your online weather service!

Weather Underground can serve you with a dynamic, tailor-made weather page that provides your users with detailed, up-to-the-minute weather information. Our design team will work closely with you to deliver a weather page that blends perfectly with your brand and allows you to choose from a wide range of engaging weather applications . from interactive flash maps to animated radar and even ski conditions.

Add real value to your Web Site with a reliable, interactive weather page that will attract and retain loyal users.

Feature uncomplicated local weather conditions and forecasts on your Web site for as little as $500 a month. We even offer the option to have your weather information appear in any of 76 languages!

We can host and serve your weather page directly to your site. The information on your site's weather page is updated automatically, so your users get the most accurate weather possible, all day every day. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can set up a raw data feed or XML via http or ftp.

Weather Applications

Current Conditions

Current conditions are available for locations around the globe.

Items available include Temperature, General Conditions (clear, cloudy, thunderstorms etc.), Wind Speed and Direction, Dew Point, Humidity, Visibility, Heat Index, Wind Chill and Cloud Cover.


National Weather Service forecasts are available for any Zip in the US and Weather Underground's own forecasting models produce reliable and accurate international forecasts.

World Weather Search

Your users can search for weather conditions and forecasts for locations across the world . by City, State, Zip, Airport Code or Country.

Severe Weather

You can choose from a variety of services and maps that will enable you to provide your community with advance warnings of Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, Flooding, Snowstorms and even Volcanic Activity.

Interactive Flash Maps (Additional Charge)

We have recently introduced custom-designed maps with interactive flash applications that will engage your users and lead them quickly to the information they need. Dragging and clicking across the maps will open smaller windows that display conditions and forecasts for each location.

Radar and Satellite

We can provide maps of Local and Regional Radar; these can be animated and include severe weather, rain and snow options.

Our satellite maps can also be animated; these are updated every 15 minutes and are available in visible and infrared.

Other Maps

A number of other Maps are available illustrating any of the following: Temperature, Fronts, Wind, Heat Index, Visibility, Windchill, Dew Point, Snow Depth, Humidity and Jet Streams.

Almanac and Historical Archive

Weather Underground boasts the world's largest historical weather database so we can provide historical data for any given date at any given location. Information available includes: Average Temperature Highs and Lows, % Chance of Precipitation, Cloud Cover, Wind and Humidity. We can provide actual conditions for some locations as far back as 1920!

Trip Planner (Additional Charge)

Weather Underground can build you a tool that will enable your users to view typical weather conditions for any given data at any location around the world . to help them with their travel plans.

Marine Forecasts (Additional Charge)

Ski Conditions

Air Quality and UV Index


As well as providing sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset data, we can allow your users to search by Zip for their local star chart - plotting planets, constellations and star names.

Tropical Storm Tracking (Additional Charge)

Give your users the ability to track tropical storms and and hurricanes as well as receive public storm advisories.


Lead people to your weather page with custom designed 'stickers' that can be placed on your homepage or anywhere on your site.

Personal Weather Stations (Additional Charge)

With a network of over 9,000 personal weather stations in the US alone, your users can view real-time data from their closest neighborhood weather station. These stations can be plotted on maps, allowing people to view weather from all over the world, right down to their backyard.

Email Alerts (Additional Charge)

Supply your community with email weather alerts, giving you access to your users' mailboxes. Include your own ads and even feature your local TV forecaster.

Technical Information

Data Hosting

Weather Underground can host and serve your weather page directly to your site - this is the quickest and easiest way to make sure that the weather section of your web site is always up to date. By allowing Weather Underground to serve your weather page, you will be giving your users the ability to search weather conditions all over the world.

After the initial setup of your weather page, take control of your page using our online Autobrand software to modify and maintain your logo, links, advertising etc. Your users will view the weather pages from our servers while maintaining the look and feel of your brand and website. You can update the links and look of the pages at any time without needing to contact Weather Underground for each change.

Data Feeds (XML preferred)

We do not publish our API but are willing to work with clients to make this available. We treat each XML feed as a unique custom feed and will work with you to generate only the data items you require. XML feeds are available for every location in our database and can be delivered via on-demand HTTP single location request, scheduled multi-city HTTP request, or FTP.

Why Weather Underground?

As the nation's first online weather service, we are committed to delivering the most comprehensive, localised weather information available.

Through our extensive network of personal weather stations we can server up-to-the-minute weather information for finely targeted areas, not just for large towns and cities.

We provide a personal touch - our design team will work closely with you to deliver a page that blends perfectly with your brand.

The range of weather applications available for you to choose from is second to none and your Autobrand weather page is certain to attract and retain core users to your Web Site.